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The FlexCut is a sheeter/stacker solution, designed to be fully integrated with the Ink Jet Web Press, from a mechanical, electrical and functional perspective to ensure seamless production.

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The FlexCut delivers finished cut-sheets with a variable cut-off from 203mm (8“) to 711mm (28“) and up to 1828mm (72“) along with the Long-Sheet option. The overall system is designed to enable nonstop operation during a cut-off length change.

The sheeter conveyor system will transport sheets to the stacker and will feature a vacuum hold-down system and overhead belts over the entire length of the sheet to ensure precise copy control. The stacker will employ a tagging system to identify jobs within the stack.


  • Variable Cut-Off from 203mm (8”) to 711mm (28”) or 1828mm (72”)
  • Zero Make Ready from Job to Job with different Cut-Off
  • Integrated Variable Chip-Out (up to 25mm)
  • Edge Trim Removal
  • Heavy Paper (up to 350gsm)


Edge Trim Removal
  • Integral shear cut slitting system for edge trim removal. Manual adjustment of knife positions
  • Manifolds supplied for edge trim waste and dust collection.
  • A vacuum and waste collection system can be supplied optionally in the absence of customer supplied plant central waste collection system.
  • Maximum media weight for edge trim is 220 gsm unless heavy paper option is specified.
5up A4 Trimmed Stacks
  • Deliver deep pile stacks finished cut and edge trimmed a dedicated A4 size 5 across.
  • The solution will include (in addition to required optional edge trim) shear slit knives for gutter removal between lanes.
  • include a modular “A4 hopper adapter” for 5-up operation in the stacker.
  • Hopper adapter will be easily removable (< 5min) for conversion back full sheet width stacker operation.
  • Other sizes dedicated formats (4-up 8.5 x 11 for example), could be alternatively specified.
  • Maximum media weight for trimmed stacks is 220 gsm
Long Cut (1850 mm) and Stack
  • Knife geometry and servo control are sized to facilitate this cutoff, as well as the conveyor section of the sheeter.
  • The stacker functions in a similar manner to that the standard stacker but it’s longer and significant
  • changes to the fork interrupt system, overhead sheet assist mechanism, and pallet raise/lower mechanism.
  • Stack weight is limited to 3500 lbs. in this version.
  • Longer cut-off requirements will handle up to 100” (special request).
Heavy Paper (up to 350 GSM)
  • Larger diameters for idler rollers and cylinders will be required, as well as higher capacity slitter components. One scenario is to design/build this section of the machine in a separate (modular) unit upstream of the sheeter to house these heavier components.
Right Angle
  • Angle bar for installation of a sheeter solution at 90 degrees to the press.
Rewind / Unwind
  • Rewind / Unwind system to allow for maximum production flexibility.
Linear Perforation
  • Perforation unit installed prior to the sheeter cylinder.


Maximum Web Speed

254m/min (833 fpm)

Web Width

762mm (30”) – 1067mm (42”)


Min: 203mm (8”)

Max: 1000mm (39.4”) [ or with Long-Sheet option 1829mm (72”)]

Special Requests: Up to 2540mm (100”)

Paper Weight

40 – 220 gsm (or with Heavy-Paper option 350gsm)

Stack Height

100-1000 mm

Stack Weight

1587 Kg (3500 lbs.)




2 stream


30,000 sheet/hour (20”x 28”size)

12,700 sheet/hour (47”x 28”size)

140,000 A4/hour (3up Trimmed A4 Stacks from 30” web)